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Establishing an independent and sovereign economy held by the community of VIKIONE.

ONE will act as the payment unit to store information on the entire ecosystem.
When covering all attitudes, VIKIONE still holds its true ego, still maintains regular release of data on its birth system. No second VIKIONE could be exist, but the products have strong pervasive power. VIKIONE had launched more than 22 Communication Networks in the past 2 months. In March 2021, the ONE mining network, earning a large community from many countries. This is a extraordinary as a project with very small input and had never known of.


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VIKIONE Ecosystem

The VIKIONE Media Super Network

The VIKIONE Media Super Network will be formed by a chain of hundreds of connected and synchronized networks. Each network plays a role of the following areas:

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E-Commerce Social Network

E-commerce social network ONE SHOPPING has been synthesized products by BOT on to the automatic trading floor from billions of e-commerce sites, creating a unique and most cost-effective social sales network today.

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The VIKIONE Ad Network Matrix

VIKIONE's Advertising Matrix is ​​the perfect synchronization from Super Media Network + Sales Social Network + Network of Experts that is operated and managed completely automatically, accurate to every second.

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Super Network of VIKIONE Experts

The VIKIONE Expert Super Network have inherited and developed on the VIKIONE Media Supernetwork.

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VIKIONE's Independent Economy

Establishing an independent and sovereign economy held by the community of VIKIONE.

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ONE, The Currency Of The VIKIONE Economy

ONE implicitly becomes the core and the common method of liquidity throughout the VIKIONE Ecosystem.

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Road Map Until 2025


Aug 1

Launch of the promotion "Leadership Start with Nexus".

Aug 3

Monthly public report of The NETWORK Network development programs.

Aug 20

Sales launch of an investment package with a face value of 120,000 in the Great Voyage program.

Aug 26

Launch of the car promotion "Car Branding program".

Aug 31

August results. What awaits the company next month?