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Goal: 50,000$

Larger Donations, Fewer Donors

Last year was a record one for gifts to colleges, but trends about middle-income individuals may point to future problems,...

Raised: 34,784$

Goal: 345,685$

Creating the Environmental Leaders of the New Mil

SummaryOsa's depletion of natural resources goes hand in hand with poverty, limited access to job opportunities and lack of education....

Raised: 9,004$

Goal: 50,000$

Fewer Americans are giving money to charity but total donations are at record levels anyway

Following years of steady growth that has tracked the performance of a generally healthy economy, U.S. charitable giving has reached an...

Raised: 56,823$

Goal: 684,652$

Philanthropy, Pandemic & Political Scandal: COVID-19 curtails donor giving; WE affair weakens trust in charities

September 17, 2020 – As it has done to nearly every facet of Canadian life, the coronavirus pandemic is also ravaging...

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NHS Blood and Transplant make urgent call for male plasma donors

NHS Blood and Transplant have put out an urgent call for men who’ve had coronavirus or the symptoms to volunteer...

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Goal: 20,000$

Fewer Britons donate to charities after scandals erode trust

Sector faces challenge as study shows proportion directly pledging cash falls to 57%Fewer people are giving to charity, in what...